CBA Brand Refresh

There are over 40 banks in Kenya, with most focusing on what they can do for your money. We were tasked to create a campaign that would strongly differentiate CBA from the rest, because CBA simply isn’t one of those banks.

We interpreted CBA’s positioning of “time for more” as banking that understands that true wealth lies in the experiences money cannot buy.

about the project

The approach to the campaign is about truly witnessing life by being present in each moment. The campaign challenges the viewer to look at wealth in a different way, to really question what their money does, and whether it truly affords them more fulfilling lives. We wanted to remind people that CBA shares the same point of view with those who believe their money should do more.

CBA stands for unwavering commitment to their clients, with their brand promise of giving you time for more. This campaign delivers on that brand promise by offering banking that does more for their clients, so they can live more interesting lives.