Bryte, Zurich Insurance rebrand

When briefed to rebrand Zurich insurance, we structured their new identity around a guiding light, an idea the brand would eternally embody. In partnership with B2B specialists Demographica, we seized a strategic opportunity where no other insurance provider was positioned, one where risk is embraced, not avoided.

about the project

The brand idea is simply “light”, a guiding light to customers to enable better risk decisions and approach risk with purpose. To stay true to this idea, the brand name became Bryte.

With Bryte working exclusively through brokers as B2B risk specialists, the brand mark was formed as a symbol of partnership with the knotting together of 2 Bs, Bryte and Business. Textured elements and natural imagery was incorporated into the brand; specifically textures that are only revealed when cast light uncovers them. This added a dramatic feel for the identity that symbolizes the enduring resistance to risk that nature has encountered over many years.