Have to vs want to.

By 10th February 2019Uncategorised

Have to vs want to.

Everyone wants and loves the glory. The glory of finishing a race, the glory of standing on stage winning a Gold Lion at Cannes or the glory of cooking a superb meal that floors your dinner guests. But what people don’t want is the training, the pain, the hard work and the practise that goes into it behind the scenes; the stuff that people don’t get to see. Because that’s the hard part.

The challenge is to reframe the context. And realise, for the meaningful things you want, you need to want the hard parts too. It’s the language and context of your thought process that counts. If you want the glory, you HAVE TO LEARN to want the pain, the blood, sweat and tears that goes into that thing.

Instead of saying “I have to work late”, “I have to do this brief”, “I have to go train for an hour” or “I have to start again and think harder about this problem”, try saying, “I want to work late”, “I want to do this brief”, “I want to go train for an hour” or “I want to start again and think harder about this problem” because, well, I want that glory!

If you want the real glory at the end of the day, you have to reframe the pain that goes with it.